Because marriage and motherhood doesn't come with a manual.


My name is Maria. I also go by my nicknames Mia and Mimi, and I am a twenty-something (former) teacher turned Digital Sith Lord, specializing in Social Media Management, and content and copywriting. 

I am married to Tim San Juan and we’ve been living our best (and worse) days together since July 2018. We are parents to a baby boy named Delfin Enrico Roy, born last December 19th. 

A teacher by profession, I began teaching online in 2012 and rigorously climbed the corporate ladder until 2018 when I decided to just fuck it and work from home because commuting in one of the busiest cities in Manila is just getting worse every year. And honestly, I’m getting real tired of it.

Right now, I work from home leading a small team of virtual assistants and social media managers, while I simultaneously work for an awesome company as a Digital Marketer and Copywriter. 

A frustrated blogger, I created this blog to begin documenting my journey through married life and now, motherhood from the life of a complete singleton who didn’t even want to get married or have kids (gasp!) I’ll share more about that both on the blog and maybe I’ll start a podcast about.

Let’s see. 😉

Before this blog, I’ve been floating around the blogosphere since 2008. I used to own NowhereGirl.Net for a solid 10 years before finally giving it up in 2019. It was where I’ve poured out my heart over the years and where I’ve earned my first dollar for writing. 

It was where I also began documenting my wanderlust urges, and food escapades through Zomato, as well as all the shenanigans I got into over the years. And yes, that includes “entanglements” LOL You can still find the archives here.

I hope sharing my life and work experiences through this blog can encourage you to try new and scary things as I have. Keep shining!

❤️ M.

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