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Sunflora Farm, Jala Jala

One of Tim and I’s biggest disappointments last year was not being able to visit the sunflower farm in Jala Jala after our Quezon trip. But last December, we finally had the chance to visit Sunflora Farm.

It was such a long drive. To think that we even started from Baras, Rizal, which is relatively closer to it (we live around an hour away from Baras), it was still a long drive. But as much as I would like to complain more about it, I couldn’t anymore as the scenery painted in mid-afternoon was so beautiful it made the trip worth every second.

SunFlora Farm is located in Bgy. Punta, Jala Jala, Rizal. It’s just along the highway. The entrance fee is just 20php/head, and they’re open everyday from around 8AM to 6PM.

If you’re not using a private vehicle to go to SunFlora, you may take a jeep or bus going to Tanay from Starmall Crossing in Shaw Blvd. Get off at Tanay Market, and hop on a jeep going to Punta in Jala Jala. Then ask the driver to drop you off at SunFlora Farm, it will be on your left so keep an eye out for it also.

One of my best friends, Ge brought his drone with him which explains the unusual aerial shots I’ve never had before. LOL The sunflowers were not as tall as I expected, but it must be because they have just recently replanted almost everything since after the devastating storm last July.

Tim looked happy, especially when he saw the vendors selling classic street food snacks just outside of SunFlora’s gates. Hahaha! He seemed pleased with the entire experience, like he was finally able to cross out something out of his bucket list or something similar. LOL

As you can tell, we took loads of photos including one of me and my bff, Jaycee, posing dramatically in the middle of the road. LOL We didn’t stay there for so long, in fact, we have been there less than an hour when we decided to head home as the sun was setting quickly. We did have a quick snack first, from the said vendors, took more pics and hopped back in the van.

We then decided to grab dinner at an infamous branch of a roadside canteen in Pililla, a town after Jala Jala. Then we headed back to my best friend’s house in Baras where we stayed a bit longer for some drinks which I cannot pass up on.

I love hanging out with my best friends, Jaycee and Ge and Ge’s family is my second family. I’ve known them since I was 16 and they have been nothing but loving and accepting of me. Not once did I regret going all the way to Baras to spend a little time with them, and even now that I’m married I try my best to visit every now and then.

Kayo ba, same treatment din sa family ng best friend ninyo?

9 thoughts on “Sunflora Farm, Jala Jala”

  1. Wow ganda dyan sa Jala Jala Rizal SunFlora Farm ang daming sun flowers hehe taga baras po pala kayu, ako nmn po taga san mateo rizal. hope makavisit din po kami dyan sa Sunflora Farm maybe summer na hehe

    1. Hi, Queenie 😀 Taga Cainta lang kami hehe ung best friend ko ung taga Baras. Sana ma-puntahan ninyo minsan tong SunFlora, prepare ka lang sa haba ng byahe kasi ay jusko bang haba talaga hahhahahaha

  2. Roxane Cabile-Montierro

    Sunflower is one of my favorite flowers. Seeing one makes me smile, feel good, and happy. I will really tag my hubby and daughter to visit the SUNFLORA FARM, real soon! Thanks for letting me know about this farm.

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