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Martessem, Tanay

I had a very complicated work schedule last December. For the first two weeks, I have to work from 1AM to 4AM which means I don’t get to sleep till like around 7AM. People are starting to think that it was a problem and that I’m working too hard, but Tim and I view this opportunity differently. We saw this as an opportunity to actually go on a quick ride to Tanay to have coffee in a sea of clouds and that’s exactly what we did, one December morning.

We have been meaning to have breakfast in Tanay for months but since we’re no longer early risers since we moved to our apartment, we thought that having breakfast in a sea of clouds is just a dream. LOL Okay, that sounded overdramatic, but you get the point. So when we finally had the chance to do it, we just did amidst the freezing morning breeze in Antipolo. It was worth it though, as we get to witness the sun rise again after a long time.

We went to his place called Martessem in Tanay. It’s a few more minutes away from Cafe Katerina, Tim, and I’s favorite road trip stop. I have actually been to Martessem once last year with my entire family but we didn’t eat there, we just admired the view and took a few pictures.

So I was excited to finally have breakfast there with Tim but it was disappointing. They are quite pricey but it’s understandable, given that they’re technically a resort so I cannot complain about their pricing.

However, their food selection was too common and oh did the food taste so bad. We ordered their Tapsilog, Cornsilog, their (supposed to be) sizzling sisig, and two coffees. Which were all served cold except for the coffee. You can imagine how disgusting the sisig was knowing they even put a raw egg on a cold sizzling plate. The rice tasted funny also, it was a little moist. Tim’s theory was the food was pre-made and was just sitting on their kitchen counter covered in clean wrap waiting to be served. That or could be something else, bottom line was the food wasn’t good at all. Didn’t even know it was possible to mess up a Cornsilog but well, there it was.

Also, they claimed that their coffee was brewed when it clearly tasted and smelled like your typical Nescafe classic. I’ve been drinking coffee my entire life, I know instant when I smell one. I felt really salty typing that haha but I’m not really sorry.

Overall, the place was not bad at all, it was just the food. In fact, we don’t recommend the food but we do assure you that Martessem is a nice place to visit if you’re looking for a great view of the mountains with a sea of clouds, and if you’re up for certain activities like horseback riding, fishing, and riding a 4×4. We did not inquire how much those cost exactly, but I’m pretty sure they can range from 500php above based on the first time I went there with my family.

P.S. Sorry about how we looked in the photos, haha I haven’t slept yet and Tim literally just got up and go.

Kayo ba, anong favorite ninyong almusalin?

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    1. Wow ang ganda po ng mga tanawin ang sarap mag relax.
      Yung favorite naming almusal sinangag at longanisa solve na ang Umaga at may kasamang kape.

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