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Okay, you can laugh at me for not knowing but I really didn’t know that age-restricted competition for video games actually exist. Not until my husband told me about a Counter-Strike competition for men 30 years above, that’s right — I didn’t know. LOL Apologies.

So Tim’s cousins and friends participated in the said event at Ground Zero, Xentro Mall, Antipolo last December 1st. I might have mentioned it a bit in my previous post. He would have participated but he’s way too young to enter. LOL The first few hours of the competition was really chill, in my opinion, at least to me and that’s only because Ground Zero offers a really good selection of meals, snacks, and drinks on their menu. Including a cocktail list that brought out my inner tita. LOL

The first few hours were so uneventful, I gobbled down a huge glass of iced coffee, and a couple glasses of Sangria much to Tim’s (slight) disappointment since he left his tab open. Haha! I’m not even sorry about it, he did tell me to just order what I want and that’s exactly what I did till the championship in the early evening.

Now, I wasn’t watching Tim’s friends and cousins play all day but during the championship, I got so curious that I joined Tim and his cousin’s wife and kids inside the glass game room. It was so intense and the trash-talking was so surreal it was more than entertaining–it was hilarious!

The match got so intense, that I asked Tim to go out of the game room for a while just to get some air. I know I’m not playing and I guess I’m so glad I wasn’t because I cannot handle that much pressure in a game. Haha! But difficult, intense, and long as it was, Tim’s cousins and friends brought home the bacon!

I played Counter-Strike a few times when I was younger, but thought it was too difficult and the first-person angle made me feel really dizzy so I never played it again. Kayo, anong games nilalaro ninyo lately?

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