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Kim Is Hungry Cafe, Angono

One of my favorite things in the world is coffee shops and I know about this coffee shop in Angono, Rizal. Kim Is Hungry Cafe is popular for its mouth-watering cake selection, in fact, I have been going there for years and I usually order birthday cakes from them. 

So after Tim and I had lunch at Jay J’s in Valley Golf, I asked him to try Kim Is Hungry Cafe for the first time. He was a bit reluctant at first given that it’s almost a half an hour drive from where we were coming from but I assured him that it was worth it. 

Kim Is Hungry Cafe is located on the 2nd floor of Paulina Bldg. M. Diaz corner A. Ibanez Brgy. Sto. Nino, in Angono, Rizal. Their space has gotten bigger than what I was used to, but the additional room and seating gave it a cozier feel. 

Tim and I immediately ordered, and we got ourselves a heavenly slice of their cream cheese cookie cake, then a slice of their irresistible classic red velvet cake, and a very mouthwatering slice of Yema cheesecake.  We also tried their quesadilla and their Oreo cheesecake cookie, and we washed it all down with their creamy ice blended drinks. The go for about 150php a pair, so it’s really savvy. 

The entire thing would have cost us around 800php or more in other places, but in this cafe, those treats only costed us around 560php in total. Score! I never thought that Tim and I could ever go on a date and not spend more than 700php on food alone. LOL 

Kim is Hungry Cake is definitely my ultimate favorite cafe and cake shop. In fact, had my wedding cake not been sponsored, I would have had them make my wedding cake as every bite is truly worth every penny. 

What about you, anong favorite ninyong flavor ng cake? 

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  1. i love coffee too lalo sa ofc madalas since may coffee break at boss ko din mahilig sa cafe. The place is quiet good , hoping to visit someday.
    Chocolate is my favorite flavor.

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