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Jay J’s, Valley Golf & Country Club

For most of my young life, I’ve spent Sundays with my dad playing golf in Intramuros and my brother and I eating club sandwiches as we watched him from a few meters away. My brother and I even tried learning how to smack that little ball and make it land as far as we could, and although I never learned to swing well, still that was a huge part of my childhood. 

During our wedding preparations, Tim and I checked out Valley Golf & Country Club and shortlisted it as one of our venue choices. To be honest, had Tim and I had hundred of thousands for a budget we would have chosen Valley Golf as our venue because of the pretty golf course view and also because my dad was attending my wedding. It would have made our wedding a little more extra personal and sentimental to me but it was a great thing that we didn’t get the place as it rained so hard during our wedding. LOL It would have been a total disaster. Haha! 

So I told Tim about those stories of my childhood and how I kind of miss hanging out by the golf course. Like I didn’t have to play or anything, I could just sip iced tea or mango shake like I used to and just enjoy the peacefulness of the place over some quiet conversation. So when Tim one day decided to take me to Valley Golf I shouldn’t have been surprised right? But still, I was because I never actually thought he was listening to all of my sappy crap. LOL

We had lunch there at Jay J’s Inasal and Restaurant in their North Clubhouse. It was really nothing fancy but it was a bright day but it was breezy that the open restaurant suddenly became the perfect place to be right at that hour. 

Tim and I didn’t order much as we wanted a break from all the food we had during our Vigan trip. LOL But we did order tons of rice that we immediately regretted because we weren’t able to finish them. Haha! That was a problem we don’t normally encounter. 

The food was really decent, not too memorable but good enough to enjoy and to say that it was money well spent.

However, since it was a country club and shizz, it was pretty pricey. For two dishes, four rice, a glass of iced tea and coffee we were billed around 800+php. 

But I guess with the view and the good food it was worth every penny. Tim and I actually had a nice and peaceful lunch for the first time in weeks, although I wished I could have brought with me a book as it seemed like the best place to read minus the comfortable cafe sitting of course. LOL

Mandatory couple picture. Parang tourista lang LOL

Kayo ba, anong sport ninyo nung bata pa kayo? Let me know in the comments ^_^

8 thoughts on “Jay J’s, Valley Golf & Country Club”

  1. The place looks very solemn nakaka enjoy the peacefulness para nakaka unwind at sarap mag mesmerized mga memories or kwentuhan galore or magbasa ng favorite natin book sa ganitong place ang ganda din nya paint. At ang mga food wow nakita ko ang kare-kare superb..

  2. Nainggit naman ako Ms.Mia buti ka pa may bonding time kayo ng Father mo. Ako kasi wala.
    Ang ganda ng lugar at maaliwalas, di ko pa natry maglaro ng golf hanggang siato lang ako lols.ahaha
    Natawa ako sa mandatory picture nyo ninyo ni hubby mo Ms.Mia ahaha… mukha naman po kayong tourista

  3. wow! ganda naman po dyan! you have had a wonderful life madam! you’re so grateful in life po! Ako, kami laking isla and sa may bundok simpleng buhay lng tlga naranasan namin, simple pero super saya! bonding naming pamilya sa beach po tlga, hilig ni mama and papa mgswimming.

  4. Sports ko hmmm.. Wala po e! Di mahilig pero naglalaro ng badminton pag may nagyayaya noon ganon lang.. Gandang bonding nyo ng daddy mo po buti pa kayo close sa dad mo kami kasi ni papa hindi and hindi mahilig sa labas yung papa ko na yun.. 😀 ang ganda ng place ang laki.. Sabagay golf area pala yun kaya ang anlaki hehehe mukang nakakatakot maglaro nun Ms. Mia hehehehe ang ganda rin ng ootd mo Ms. Mia bagay yung damit mo sa bag mo 😀 and sa food medyo pricey hehe pero sabi mo nga po it is good enough.. Ü

  5. Wow.. Inggit much.. Dami nyo ng Narating together eith your husband ms. Mia. Kakainggit haha kasi kami ni date wala hahaha.. Galing travel travel and sports together tapos ang sasarap pa ng mga foods. So happy talaga ng ganyang feelings ^_^

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