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Happy Cat Cafe, SM City East Ortigas

A few weeks ago, Tim and I went to SM City East Ortigas to meet with my best friends, Jaycee and Ge. We were supposed to have dinner together at the mall, but as Tim and I passed through the side entrances of the mall on our way to park, I saw Happy Cat Cafe. 

I literally squealed in excitement and convinced Tim that we could wait for our best buds there. He agreed, as always. He can never seem to say no to me, and might not be healthy anymore. LOL 

That wasn’t my first time in a pet cafe, my first experience was  in Cat Cafe Manila in Maginhawa, Quezon City but that was in 2016 and having lost my own cat that same year, I have since longed to go to a cat cafe again. Yes, that’s right, I’m a feline loving woman; I swear I might have been destined to live alone with cats had I not decided to date Tim. LOL 

Happy Cat Cafe has pretty standard rules and guidelines as with most pet cafe’s. Upon entry, we paid around 250php for two hours of stay which only comes with an iced drink. Having been to other pet cafe’s I found it a little too pricey because usually, the initial entrance fee is consumable as with most pet cafes. 

The husband and the bestie not wanting to share their cheesecakes with Oscar.

The experience is as it is — you sit around while cats mind their own business and or you try to keep your drink’s straw away from cats trying to take a sip. LOL For me, it was bliss since I love cats but to my husband and my BFF Gerald, it was a bit annoying that the cats were all over them. (see pic on the right) LOL Jaycee, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying the company of the furbabies as I have had. 

My best friend Jaycee trying to keep a decent conversation despite this image. lol

We especially love their Sphynx cat called Drobo. He was the sweetest and gives the warmest hugs and kisses. I badly wanted to touch him at first but I decided against it since I don’t want to just pick up every cat I want to sit with. It just doesn’t work that way. LOL Turns out though that Drobo is the sweetest of all the cats in the room; he was the one who climbed up the chair and table to jump in my arms and rested on my shoulder like a baby. 

Nose rub with Oscar the British Shorthair while Drobo rests soundly on my shoulder.

Oscar, the British Shorthair, was actually the first cat to approach me. Though he wasn’t as sweet as Drobo immediately. In fact, it was as if he wanted to challenge me for a staring contest, but he allowed me to pet him. The rest of the meows just minded their own business. LOL I don’t know why, but perhaps it’s because I don’t have kids of my own yet, but being hugged by a friendly animal is the best feeling in the world. I get the same feeling when Tim’s dogs get so excited when they see me and they’d jump on me to lick and hug me. The moment and the feeling were just simply incomparable. 

The overall experience was really good for me. I mean, if you’re a cat lover like me perhaps you’d feel the same way. However, there were a few cons that I wanted to point out.

First is that they’re pricier than most pet cafe’s but totally understandable as they are situated inside a mall. Second, the drinks were too sweet, the iced coffee drink I ordered was too sweet that I wasn’t able to even finish half of it. My husband and our friends says the same about it, too. Third, their cheesecake is too commercial; what I mean is that you could tell that there is more gelatin in it than cream cheese giving it a slightly blander taste and a more Jell-O texture.

Nonetheless, it was an experience, although not one of a kind, something that we will all remember for quite sometime. 

Kayo ba, mahilig ba kayo sa pusa? 

8 thoughts on “Happy Cat Cafe, SM City East Ortigas”

  1. Wow ang cute meron din palang Cat Cafe kasi ang mga nababasa ko lang Dog Cafe, katuwa naman at meron ng mga ganyan sakto yan sa mga kids na gustong makakita ng ibat-ibang lahi ng pusa. Malapit lang ako sa SM east Ms.Mia minsan nga makadaan dyan, dadaan lang pero di papasok sa loob ahaha… medyo may kamahalan din po kasi .

  2. Nakakatuwa para sa mga cat lover nakaka relax para sa kanila lalo kapag gusto mo may kandong ka cat habang nagbabasa para nakaka relax meron pala nito sa SM East now I know ..

  3. Wow pet cafe! Meron pala nito.. Akala ko pag pet cafe yung mga pet magkakape. Hahahahahha ang bait naman po ni sir tim at pumayag sya sa gusto mo po love na love ka nya talaga.. Ang sad po kasi nawala yung pusa nyo nung 2016 🙁 Ang cute ng pic nyo ni Oscar and yung mga pic and poses ng cat ang cucute din hehe. Ako po hindi ako mahilig sa pusa..

  4. Aldrin Montierro

    I have brought my daughter to one of the dog’s cafe in Ortigas and she had fun. Now that I have learned about Happy Cat Cafe, it made me excited and can’t wait to bring her there soon. We love animals, we have a siamese cat and a japanese dog at home.

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