Because marriage and motherhood doesn't come with a manual.

Delfin’s Christening

Delfin was Christened last Thursday, February 27th. It’s earlier than Tim and I initially planned but Tim’s uncle passed away earlier this week, and the elders in his mother’s side of the family urged us to have Delfin baptized before his uncle’s interment last Friday. Apparently, there is a widely known superstition that unbaptized babies have to be Christened when a family member dies. And that the christening should be

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My Birth Story

WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS AHEAD. IF YOU’RE NOT INTO GORY STUFF, YOU MAY SKIP READING THIS. IF YOU DON’T MIND SEEING BLOODY PHOTOS AND DELIVERY PHOTOS, READ ON. I never thought I would go back to writing on this blog this soon. But my lovely baby is sleeping, and I’m pumping while listening to Bowie. Got nothing much to do around the house since I stopped working. And so in my idle

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How Changing My OB Put My Mind at Ease

So, after my previous post, I was due to see my regular OB after week or so. Unfortunately, my OB went on indefinite leave and Tim and I had to see someone else. We called the hospital to ask for an available alternative, and they gladly gave us a doctor who my original OB suggested herself. It was a very pleasant experience. Better than I was expecting and better than

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My First Pregnancy-Related ER Experience

I asked Tim to bring me to the ER the other day. In the wee hours of Thursday morning, we rushed to the hospital after I experienced severe back pain and difficulty in breathing. The drive to the hospital was very quick. On a typical day, it would take us about 10 minutes to get there, that morning it only took us five to six minutes… but it felt like a

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Why I have considered giving birth in a government hospital

Okay. I don’t know where it started, but there has always been this idea that government hospitals are the worst place to deliver a baby. Over the years, I’ve heard countless horror stories about giving birth in a government hospital, that includes my mom who had her first Caesarian birth back in 2003 at Ospital ng Maynila. Although everything went well with her procedure, she did say she will never

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My 27th Birthday

The days leading up to my 27th birthday weren’t really that good for me. For one, I have been shrouded with dark days for most of my pregnancy, and certain events and overthinking did not really help it. I really thought that I’d have one of those pregnancies where everything is just smooth-sailing. But I guess my former therapist was right… Since I have suffered from severe bouts of depression

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Coming from years of being a singleton who's so in love with her career down in the big corporate jungle, marriage and motherhood doesn't come naturally to me. This blog chronicles my progress through this part of my life, all the while I try to fulfill my dreams of successfully working remotely as a Social Media Manager, Content Writer, and Professional Cake Taster.

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