Because marriage and motherhood doesn't come with a manual.

How I Made My (Easy) Cold Brew Coffee

I am an avid coffee drinker since I was in the fourth grade. But I haven’t actually cared much about my coffee until I was in college when I learned about the glorious taste of brewed coffee. LOL Kidding aside, I have been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember, and though I am not an expert, I can be very keen on how my coffee taste like.

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Why I love my HyacinthMNL handbag

If you have been following me on social media, you might have seen my post about a cute native-looking handbag. I’m a huge fan of bags and honestly, when I saw this handbag from Hyacinth Manila I thought it was cool. Cooler than the round Bali bags that I see on my feed all the time. So I decided to check it out. Turns out, there’s more to their bags

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Art Capital Cafe, Angono

With so much going on in our lives lately, mostly with work (lol) Tim and I found ourselves rotting at home for days on end. Don’t get me wrong, we love staying indoors as much as we love going out, but it has been months since we last went to Tanay to have breakfast, and it has been weeks since we ate out — yes, our late-night McDonald’s runs are

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On a Life that Could Have Been

Lately, I have struggled so hard with some things in my married life. Mostly with my health and my journey to motherhood. I have written about this on my Facebook page and Instagram, this is just a longer version of my posts. LOL⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Okay, so some of you may not know about this but before Tim, I have been off a committed relationship for exactly four years. My last boyfriend wanted to

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Sunflora Farm, Jala Jala

One of Tim and I’s biggest disappointments last year was not being able to visit the sunflower farm in Jala Jala after our Quezon trip. But last December, we finally had the chance to visit Sunflora Farm. It was such a long drive. To think that we even started from Baras, Rizal, which is relatively closer to it (we live around an hour away from Baras), it was still a

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Martessem, Tanay

I had a very complicated work schedule last December. For the first two weeks, I have to work from 1AM to 4AM which means I don’t get to sleep till like around 7AM. People are starting to think that it was a problem and that I’m working too hard, but Tim and I view this opportunity differently. We saw this as an opportunity to actually go on a quick ride

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Coming from years of being a singleton who's so in love with her career down in the big corporate jungle, marriage and motherhood doesn't come naturally to me. This blog chronicles my progress through this part of my life, all the while I try to fulfill my dreams of successfully working remotely as a Social Media Manager, Content Writer, and Professional Cake Taster.

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