Because marriage and motherhood doesn't come with a manual.

We’re Having a Boy!!!

Tim and I were supposed to wait until early September to get my Congenital Anomaly Scan as it was suggested by my OB that we take it then after my Glucose Tolerance Test. But Tim couldn’t wait! Haha! Honestly, I am more cool about the gender than him, perhaps it’s because I have a strong feeling from the very beginning that we were gonna have a baby boy. Although Tim

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Weddings & Babies

Tim & I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last month. It’s still quite shocking that it has already been a year since that lovely day. Cheesy as it may sound, I think my wedding is the best — for me at least. So many things went wrong or were changed last minute due to unforeseen circumstances but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. To celebrate, we just went to

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Roses & Chocolates

A lot of people have been commenting (not on social media though lol) that my husband is not as sweet as I often talk or write about. Their basis? He doesn’t give me flowers and chocolates out of the blue and even on special occasions. To which I always ask them “What made you think so?”. I remember a close friend posting all the flowers, presents, and treats that her

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I deactivated most of my social media accounts

I’m not sure if this actually matters to anyone reading my blog (do I still have readers? LOL). But yes, I did deactivate my blog’s social media accounts, well, most of them. I don’t know how to deactivate Twitter yet. lol. But the reason for that is simply I grew tired of people only coming in to skim my posts looking for a freebie or a giveaway. Although I enjoy

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Greenfield Weekend Market

Late last month, I was given an exciting opportunity to visit the Greenfield Weekend Market with my husband Tim, and my good friend Kevin. It was a gastronomical experience, that Tim and I will surely remember for a great deal of time. Personally, I remember going to Greenfield District almost every night a few years ago while I was still working in Ortigas. Since it was so difficult to hail

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Phantom of the Opera Live

One of my biggest dreams is to see a live production of Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera, and although I have passed by the chance to see Les Mis in 2016, I made sure that I didn’t miss Phantom. I am a lifelong theatre fan, and although Tim doesn’t share my love and interest for most of the arts, he still came along and watched Phantom with me.

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Coming from years of being a singleton who's so in love with her career down in the big corporate jungle, marriage and motherhood doesn't come naturally to me. This blog chronicles my progress through this part of my life, all the while I try to fulfill my dreams of successfully working remotely as a Social Media Manager, Content Writer, and Professional Cake Taster.

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