Working While Traveling

As you might already know, my job does not require me to report to an office. I just have to be in front of my computer come 5pm and work till around 11pm wherever I am as long as I have a stable internet connection. I have been dreaming of this kind of job for years and now that I finally have it and finally got the hang of it, I decided to do what I have always wanted to do which was to travel while working.

Tim and I were supposed to visit his relatives on his mother side of the family last Saturday. The initial plan was to drop by Pangasinan and then head straight to Baguio to see my sister and my former boss. But for some reason, Tim scratched Pangasinan off our list and we headed straight to Baguio last Saturday, October 6th at 2am.

We arrived in Baguio shortly after 6am. Our trip wasn’t planned at all so we weren’t able to make hotel reservations which was a little inconvenient but Tim reminded me that when he went to Baguio alone last year he checked in at Hotel45 so we hailed a cab and went there but the said hotel, although affordable, wasn’t as comfortable than I expected so we went to Session Road and checked in at Hotel Veniz instead.

The rates, including the early check-in fee, were almost the same in total as in Hotel45, but Hotel Veniz is already in session road which is more accessible to almost anywhere we need to be so we chose to stay there instead. It was really comfortable, Tim and I were able to sleep for a few hours after eating breakfast at the McDonald’s on the hotel building’s ground floor.

That noon, we grabbed lunch at Burnham Park with my younger sister and former boss and good friend, Miss Bev and her daughter AJ whom Tim adored so much. We had a picnic lunch beneath a tree with the Swan boat lake as our view. Our food was brought by Miss Bev and was from my favorite budget restaurant in Baguio called Good Taste, Tim and I brought a dozen doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, to little AJ’s delight. LOL

Later that day, Tim and I walked around Session Road and went looking for the Tsokolateria. As I mentioned earlier in this post, Tim went to Baguio last year only to sleep which really made me feel sorry for him for not making the most of his overnight trip. I decided to let him taste one of Baguio’s signature beverages, hot chocolate. I’ll be writing about that in a separate post.

While looking for the Tsokolateria, I noticed the bookshop that I have been meaning to visit for the longest time. I am in Baguio at least once a year since 2008 and I still haven’t gone inside Mt. Cloud Bookshop so I decided to go inside this time and just have a look around. It was very quaint but filled with really good books. I would have bought some, but I figured I won’t be able to read them anyway so I just had a look around. It was heaven for me…

Soon after, we had dinner at the Tsokolateria then went to see my younger sister perform at SM Baguio then went to Miss Bev’s house for drinks and a lovely conversation. It was such a perfect ending to a very unplanned day, I loved how spontaneous most things have gone.

That was my Saturday, as I am writing this, I am sitting on my transient bed in Vigan, Ilocos Sur waiting for work to begin, while Tim snoozes beside me after whining about how hungry he was LOL.

I’ll be writing about our Vigan trip, too. Stay tuned din kayo friends kasi I will have a pasalubong giveaway. I’ll post it sa Instagram and Facebook perhaps tomorrow. Hihi! Thank you for reading!

Should I Try to Vlog?

Photo by Nadia Valkouskaya on Unsplash

How is everybody doing? I noticed a surge in readership over the last two weeks and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to read what I post. I know it’s not the most interesting blog (YET!) but I’ll make sure to change that gradually.

So it’s been raining a lot lately, and to be honest I love the rainy season. It helps me to think clearly. In fact, most of my best ideas are brewed during rainy days like this, and it may be the fact that I haven’t gone out in literally days but I just thought of starting a vlog for this blog.

It took me over half a decade to finally make a vlog about my main blog, which was NowhereGirl.Net but I guess the content of my main blog doesn’t really have a proper niche. I really think that this particular blog of mine has a better chance of succeeding cause it has a specific theme, unlike my other blog where I just vlog about random stuff.

After so much thinking, a litre of coffee, and three peanut butter sandwiches later, I finally decided to start a short vlog about Winging the Wife Life. I have actually uploaded my first video on YouTube already (you can watch it here) and I’m constantly coming up with ideas for content to post there. I haven’t actually made further actions, but I guess I’m waiting for my wedding to kick it off. Besides, with all this rain, it’s almost impossible to go out and actually do something.

So let me know what you think. Have you seen my video? How’s the intro? Too cheesy? Let me know in the comments below! 😀