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Hello! My name is Mia and I am a twenty-something corporate tough cookie with the soul of a gypsy. I am married to Tim San Juan since July 2018. We’re currently expecting a baby boy who is due to be welcomed to this world in December.

I am a teacher by profession. Been teaching online since around 2012, which led me to become a quality assurance specialist for one of the biggest online schools in the Philippines but I have retired from it in mid-2018 after several years of hustling through the corporate jungle and I now just work from home as a freelance content writer and as a private online English tutor.

A frustrated writer, I keep this blog to document my food escapades, my wanderlust urges, my life as a married woman, and as a soon-to-be mom. Oh, and I also started a new project for housewives like me! Check out Raket Mom for home-based jobs that you might be able to try. 😀