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Delfin’s Christening

Delfin was Christened last Thursday, February 27th. It’s earlier than Tim and I initially planned but Tim’s uncle passed away earlier this week, and the elders in his mother’s side of the family urged us to have Delfin baptized before his uncle’s interment last Friday.

Apparently, there is a widely known superstition that unbaptized babies have to be Christened when a family member dies. And that the christening should be done right before that deceased family member gets interred.

I honestly have never heard of that before, but my best friend Jaycee surely has. And so does quite a lot of people we know. Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t even heard of it. Not that I’m deep into superstitions and all, sure I have a knack for black cats and gothic themes but I’m not actually a firm believer of superstitions myself.

However, Tim and I agreed to do it anyway, despite both our parents not being able to attend. His parents will be at the wake and interment, while my mom is away on a week-long vacation she has planned for months. Honestly, I agreed to appease my in-laws wishes and you know, the age-old I’ve nothing to lose kind of mentality came over me. So, we booked the slot last Tuesday, and our little nugget was baptized last Thursday.

Despite of our decision to do this significant event (to Tim specifically) I found it quite heartbreaking not having our parents there and not being able to prepare for the grand party we had in mind. Initially, we planned to have our baby christened in June. Nothing too grand, but definitely, what we have in mind was a lot bigger than what we eventually did.

Here are photos! 😀

But the lovely people we invited didn’t let us down despite the short notice. ❤ I’m thankful for my best friends Ge and Jaycee who came, despite his lack of sleep and her job interview. My sisters who helped me with our lunch menu for that day and for holding my baby while I eat. Tim’s brother and three of his cousins, who, despite of their busy schedules were able to set aside some time for us. Truly, it wasn’t all that bad.

In all honesty, I’m kind of glad that we were able to get this event out of the way this quickly and not worrying about what other uninvited friends and family members would say when they find out. That’s really the least of my concerns now. I’m just so happy that we have more time to save up for our baby’s first birthday. 🥰

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  1. STELLA Adhiambo

    Beautifully shared sorry for your loss though this was a rebirth in Christ for your child. Feb 27th is my birthday. I’m smiling! ❤️❤️

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