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My Birth Story


I never thought I would go back to writing on this blog this soon. But my lovely baby is sleeping, and I’m pumping while listening to Bowie. Got nothing much to do around the house since I stopped working. And so in my idle moment (which usually lasts for a little over three hours these days), I decided to share my birthing experience.

To start with, I initially planned to give birth via-Normal Spontaneous Delivery. Well… I planned to be induced, dunno if that’s still considered as spontaneous. LOL Kidding aside, I was all set to go through that type of birthing process. I have spoken to my OB about it numerous times over my last few appointments with her. Although I had issues with my blood pressure during my third trimester (starting at 35 weeks), my OB was sure that I can still deliver normally.

So, I came by the ER on the morning of December 19th, as we all have planned the day before. My trolley bag in Tim’s hand and my admitting orders clutched in mine. I stayed in the ER for a good full hour as Tim went up to the admitting department to get my room prepared. My mom picked us up that morning, too, by the way. I never expected that to happen at all. I thought that she and I would mind our own businesses as we always do. But she insisted that she would pick us up and tried to stay as long as she could. It was my step dad’s first death anniversary that day, by the way, so she would have to leave in the afternoon.

At the ER, my mom and I talked about that same day, the year before, while a nurse put on my IV line. The nurse was administering meds to induce labor and to lower my blood pressure (I suddenly had a case of mild pre-eclampsia. 🙄) It almost got emotional, but I guess the feeling of welcoming a new life made it less sad and more hopeful and bright.

When I was wheeled in the labor room at around 9 AM -ish, I was constantly texting my mom, who was sitting outside the doors. Being inside alone without my mom or even Tim made me feel a little vulnerable and bored. Still, to be honest, the next few hours were the quickest I’ve ever experienced in my life. The nurses assigned to me were really friendly and attentive to my needs. So, I had someone to talk to, at least, and I felt comfortable despite my IV line and my fluctuating blood pressure and my non-dilating cervix.

I didn’t know how much naps I took that day, but around mid-afternoon, my OB came by to dilate my cervix to at least 2 cm. She tried breaking my water but failed, so we spoke and talked about our options. The good thing was she was honest about our back up plan to have a c-section in case my condition doesn’t progress. She told me to rest for two more hours.

At around 4:30-ish in the afternoon, she came by. She told me that my baby’s heart rate is getting faster as I am being induced, which means he’s getting stressed, and she didn’t want to risk any complications. So she frankly told me that she’d have to perform an emergency c-section on me. My heart dropped, the lowest I have ever felt it drop in a year. The last time I felt that was when Tim went out of our bedroom to tell me that dad passed on the night of the same day a year ago…

But I agreed anyway, it’s not as if I have any other choice and if my condition was harming or is going to harm my baby then, of course, I’d go through it. The funny thing was, Tim went home for a bit to try to relax. I didn’t know that he did, I only found out when we spoke that evening after I checked out of recovery. Turned out, he was all tense all day… my OB even told me she saw him outside the OR doors standing, waiting. So she told him to get back up to my room and wait for me there instead. Because I will be inside the OR for a few more hours. My OB and I had a great laugh about it.

So I was wheeled into the operating room itself. I was helped onto the table, I actually didn’t have to move much. Everyone’s been doing the movement for me, and I’m not even sedated yet. Soon after, the doctors came in. First went in the anesthesiologist, then my OB, and then the pediatrician. The anesthesiologist was friendly, calm, and sweet. I didn’t feel nervous at all. I guess the morphine she put into my IV line helped. Lol 😂 Her hands were also so light, I barely even felt her administer the spinal block. I knew it was challenging to find the right spot because although I was curled up in a ball on my side, the tall, strong guy who does all the lifting for me still forced me to an even–rounder ball if that makes sense. LOL

Then I felt it kick in. The anesthesia. All of a sudden, I couldn’t feel anything from my belly down. I couldn’t even move my feet even if I was sure I was forcing myself to move it. Then the morphine started to kick in deeper, too. The next thing I knew, my OB was talking to me, asking me what type of cut I prefer. I wanted to joke around, but I was a little woozy, I just laughed a little and said I wanted a bikini cut if it’s possible. She hesitated quite a bit for some reason I didn’t remember (or I didn’t hear) her say, but then she said that she’d do the bikini cut after all.

I didn’t feel any slicing sensation, which I thought I would. But I did feel the pulling and tugging. Somewhere along that hour, I must have drifted off to whatever land but was shaken awake when they started pumping from my ribs or abdomen. I didn’t feel exactly where, but I did feel the pressure. Not long after that, I heard my OB said that my baby’s cord coiled and that he had pooped! Then she called out, “Baby out, 5:29 PM!”

I was shocked and got really scared for a solid few seconds. Still, the people inside the operating room were all so lovely and calm. When I heard my baby cry as they took him to the table to pump the meconium (the poop he swallowed) out of his stomach, I… well I could not explain how I felt exactly. Only that I remembered thinking that his cry was very distinct from any baby I have heard cry all my life. Here are the photos:

My OB and I were even chatting as she was fixing me up, and the other people were pumping my baby’s stomach out. I remember we talked about how it was a good thing that we performed an emergency c-section and all that stuff. Otherwise, it would have been harder if I pushed to deliver via-NSD. (Normal Spontaneous Delivery).

She explained that the reason why I probably have not dilated was that he was coiled and that medication for inducing labor has probably caused him a lot of stress, which then caused him to poop early. He wasn’t even due yet, and him swallowing his poop was the very thing we were avoiding in the first place, which was why my OB and I agreed to have me induced early.
Soon after, the pedia showed me my baby boy. He smelled quite weird, but for an even more bizarre reason, I found that smell oddly good. Here’s what he looked like when they showed him to me:

12.19.19 – Delfin Enrico Roy San Juan

It was funny how fully aware I was of what was happening, I didn’t know that I would be that aware and awake through it all. I must have drifted sometime after they took our photo because the next thing I remember was that my OB was telling me goodbye, and I was thanking her and everyone else. I immediately asked for my phone, hoping to talk to my husband, but one of my best friends Ge called. I was still in the operating room table when I answered his call. I don’t remember what we talked about exactly as I was slightly groggy, but I know that I only hung up when I was wheeled into the recovery room.

I didn’t notice the time I spent in the recovery room. The next thing I know was that some guy came in and asked me if I can move my feet. I quickly moved my toes on my right foot and barely moved my toes on the left, but he seemed satisfied. Not long after, I was taken to my room to recover.

The entire experience was slightly overwhelming to me. It was a roller coaster of emotions and other things in between. Never in my life have I thought of ever delivering a baby in such a way. But after finding out what happened to him inside, with the cord coil and him swallowing a ton of meconium, I would not have had it any other way. I am also so thankful that my OB was ever so present and quick to take action when I haven’t dilated as I should.

Otherwise, God knows what could have happened. There was even a chance that I would be going home without a baby. Sure, he came home with a hep-lock on his right foot, so medication could be continued to be administered by a nurse at home until the 26th, but at least I came home with a baby that is not only very much alive but is also very active and strong.

I honestly cannot wait for his follow up check-up with his pediatrician. I really wish Tim and I have done quite a swell job taking care of him over the past week. Oh, and here’s a lovely smile from my 10-day old baby. 💕

“Happy Howidays evewyone!” – Delfin

For my readers na may kids na, share niyo naman birth experience ninyo. ^^

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