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How Changing My OB Put My Mind at Ease

So, after my previous post, I was due to see my regular OB after week or so. Unfortunately, my OB went on indefinite leave and Tim and I had to see someone else. We called the hospital to ask for an available alternative, and they gladly gave us a doctor who my original OB suggested herself.

It was a very pleasant experience. Better than I was expecting and better than the previous appointments I have had with my original OB. Please don’t get me wrong, my former OB was really nice and all but there’s just something about our previous conversations that seemed — lacking.

The new OB we saw was very thorough and detailed and most importantly, very much into natural spontaneous delivery (NSD). That’s a huge plus for me! She gave me a lot of new vitamins to take and briefly discussed the set-up in the delivery room in case my original OB cannot come in herself.

What I love the most out of my last appointment was the fact that the new OB we saw shared the very same ideas I’ve had about inducing and natural birth. She immediately mentioned that she didn’t want me to exceed my due date to make sure that my baby won’t have to pass meconium (or the first baby poop lol) and risk meconium aspiration. Which immediately relieved me, because I was honestly fearing the same thing! Haha! 😀 So her plan was to induce me four or five days before my due date so I won’t have that to worry about.

She also insisted that I am given anesthesia to prevent a surge in my blood pressure when things get so painful during delivery. Initially, I was very serious in having an unmedicated birth based on the number of testimonies I have read that feeling the pain can help one push harder. But the new OB pointed out that it can have some effect on a mother’s blood pressure and the baby’s brain upon delivery. She said she wanted me to have a great birth experience without all that shenanigans that could potentially do harm to me and my baby. I could not help but agree. I guess Tim was relieved by that, too. LOL

She was also able to answer so many questions I have had during the rest of my second trimester and after our appointment, I was so at ease. I still have a few questions lined up after that but I’ll be saving all of them for my next visit on the 27th. I am so glad that she was my OB’s substitute, and I am really hoping that we could choose to have her help me deliver my sweet little baby boy.

People might think it’s confusing when you see more than one doctor, especially during pregnancy. But the thing is, if you are not so comfortable with your current physician anymore or if you think you’re not getting as much information as you need, as a patient, you always have the option to look for someone else or seek a second opinion. I think my OB being on an indefinite leave is a blessing in disguise. Not only were my initial questions regarding my third trimester were answered, but I was also given clarity through the extra information the new OB gave regarding what I could expect during delivery and more.

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