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My First Pregnancy-Related ER Experience

I asked Tim to bring me to the ER the other day. In the wee hours of Thursday morning, we rushed to the hospital after I experienced severe back pain and difficulty in breathing. The drive to the hospital was very quick. On a typical day, it would take us about 10 minutes to get there, that morning it only took us five to six minutes… but it felt like a long time. 

I couldn’t hold up my back, I was leaning on Tim for support hoping for relief, but no position can do it. It has been so for hours… I couldn’t sleep, I was so tired. Also, the fact that my hands are getting numb from carpal tunnel syndrome only made me even more paranoid about my situation. For a brief moment, I thought I was having a heart attack or something.

When we got to the ER, we were lucky to be the only people there. The nurses were very attentive and checked Delfin’s heartbeat immediately. He was doing really well… but I wasn’t. 

The doctor came in quickly, asked me several questions about what I ate and what I have done the night before. I told him the truth that I took a walk that evening, and for the first time in weeks had rice for the second time that day. The nurse checked for my blood pressure (which was surprisingly normal) while the doctor poked and prodded my tummy. He then told me that it could either be indigestion or severe acid reflux brought by pregnancy-induced gastritis. The nurse gave me a few tablets of Maalox and water. But the pain wasn’t going away so she put on a saline lock on my hand, and immediately injected omeprazole as prescribed by the doctor. 

It was terrible. I didn’t mind the pricks and the thick liquid passing through my veins, all I could feel was my back and the heaviness on my rib. I wanted the pain to stop… Thank God it did, eventually. I was able to nap for a few minutes and woke up when the nurse came in again informing me that she’s injecting paracetamol. 

In an hour, the pain completely subsided but my OB (who was called on the phone) suggested that they take a blood and urine sample to ensure I have no other underlying conditions. We’re crossing out blood-pressure related conditions (thank god!) But I was found to have UTI for the first time in my adult life. 😐 And yeah, as I previously mentioned, pregnancy-induced gastritis, hence the acid-reflux which comes with really, really terrible back pain. Tim looked really worried, he told me that he spoke to my OB on the phone and she explained to him the medications that I needed after.

Before leaving the ER, the nurse injected an antibiotic before completely removing my saline lock. Tim said that my OB also told him that I’ll be taking Isoxsuprine, a uterine relaxant as well as an antibacterial medicine. All of which to counter my UTI and perhaps to avoid pre-term labor, since as far as I know the Isoxsuprine is given to pregnant women for that matter. I was really hesitant to take any medications during pregnancy, but I trust my OB enough.

Soon after, Tim and I went home. A lot of people expressed their concern upon my quick trip to the ER, but also a few expressed their subtle judgment masked by their concern. It’s just so hard to deal with sometimes, I get judged for stuff that I am not even at fault for. For instance, UTI and acid-reflux are to be expected during the third trimester, yet some people make it seem like it was something that I did that triggered these things.

These days, what I do to calm myself down from these things is to focus on delivering Delfin safely, so I can go back to work like I used to and leave this town. I just want to get away from side comments, unsolicited opinions, and sly judgments covered as jokes. I have never gotten this type of judgment from my own parents… my mom was even more concerned than judgy of all people.

It is true what people say, you can’t please everyone, and though I don’t intend to anyway in the first place, all I ask is a little more respect. I really pray that this doesn’t happen to anyone as I know how it feels to be belittled and judged for things you are not in control of. And to those who are experiencing the same situation, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong, momma!

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