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Why I have considered giving birth in a government hospital

Okay. I don’t know where it started, but there has always been this idea that government hospitals are the worst place to deliver a baby. Over the years, I’ve heard countless horror stories about giving birth in a government hospital, that includes my mom who had her first Caesarian birth back in 2003 at Ospital ng Maynila. Although everything went well with her procedure, she did say she will never do it again in such a place.

But given the situation of the municipal hospital here in Cainta, Rizal, I began to think about the benefits of giving birth in this municipality’s hospital. For one, despite it being a government hospital, it’s relatively better than the other ones in nearby municipalities. Second, it’s completely free for registered voters, including the pre-natal checkups that cost roughly around 500php in a private hospital. Which is why I really did take the time and effort to have myself registered at COMELEC last September 30th. Lastly, I don’t really mind if I give birth in a government hospital, I have been going to one for my counseling years before, and I know it’s not the most ideal place to be, but I am comfortable enough to go through with it.

But why have I even considered this? Do I not have money?

Technically, my husband has more than enough funds to cover my delivery expenses at a private hospital, whether I give birth normally or via-Caesarian Section. But thinking about the financial pressure I have personally, having lost my writing job and getting back into private online tutoring really got me thinking that maybe there’s a better way for me to help my husband financially. And one of those is easing the burden of expensive pre-natal checkups that would cost so much more in my last month of pregnancy.

We spoke about it. He did tell me that I didn’t have to do it and that I shouldn’t worry about it. But I was insistent, thinking of how we could spend the money he has set aside for my delivery for vaccines and other things that our baby might need in his first year. So he came with me during the last day of registration in Comelec despite not being 100% about my decision.

For his peace of mind, however, he decided to drop by the municipal hospital one day after going to the gym. He said he walked in and looked around, observed a little, and begged me to just give birth at Taytay Doctors as we have initially planned. LOL, It was funny and touching at the same time. 😀 He was very much concerned about the bed situation, despite there being private rooms. He pointed out that even if we can avail one, there’s always a chance that we won’t be accommodated due to the number of patients, especially during December. Aside from that, despite my insisting that people in the municipal hospital are professionals, all the same, he wasn’t so sure about their service. He said he didn’t want to risk it.

Maybe I am just really hard-headed and stubborn as a person that I still insisted that we go through it. But he really wouldn’t budge either and he reminded me that he will be the one to take me to the hospital anyway and that I don’t really have a choice. LOL. And so, finally, I have come to terms with the fact that I’ll just have to trust him and let go of my issues regarding my personal finances. Needless to say, my mom was relieved when I told her I changed my mind. LOL.

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