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We’re Having a Boy!!!

Tim and I were supposed to wait until early September to get my Congenital Anomaly Scan as it was suggested by my OB that we take it then after my Glucose Tolerance Test. But Tim couldn’t wait! Haha! Honestly, I am more cool about the gender than him, perhaps it’s because I have a strong feeling from the very beginning that we were gonna have a baby boy.

Although Tim wanted a boy, he couldn’t hide the fact that he was rooting for us to have a girl. Typical man stuff I guess… that and perhaps the fact that he has mostly nieces to which he’s so close with.

So earlier this month, we decided to have my congenital anomaly scan. I didn’t know there was a specific week-range as to when I could take it, it was a good thing that I was already 21 weeks when we had it because we were told that it can only be administered from 20 weeks. LOL So as usual, I had my scan at Taytay Doctors, we were hoping for a 3D scan but the doctor informed us that they do not allow pregnant women of my gestational period to have it. 🙁 Although, in some hospitals and clinics they would most certainly allow it, so if you’re worried you won’t be seeing your baby in color, don’t fret. ^^

The good thing was that, according to research, getting a 2D scan for congenital anomalies is the best way to go. It’s just a tad more expensive though. It cost us around 2,000php as compared to their regular 2D scan which normally costs around 850+php.

The doctor who administered the scan was different from the earlier scans I had. She was a lot older, and obviously a lot more experienced and well-versed into using the machine and locating our baby. Everything went by quickly, she showed us that our baby in a traversed position which means our baby is lying across my tummy (lol) so it was quite difficult to check out his gender.

And while we were waiting for him to move so we can check if he has a willy or a vag, she was able to check out his organs, fingers, toes, and head. He’s normal! I was so scared that he was smaller than his gestational period but we were assured that he’s within his gestational range.

After checking out his organs and body parts, the doctor shook my tummy with the “scanner” (dunno what that thing’s called lol sorry!) several times just to make him move. It was a little painful and very uncomfortable, but the stubborn little thing eventually moved and showed us what he really is! LOL

We couldn’t be happier! Oh and in case the GIF above isn’t loading, we’ve decided on a name already. Delfin Enrico Roy. Delfin after Tim’s grandfather, Enrico after my favorite Tenor (Enrico Caruso… sorry Pavarotti, maybe next time) and Roy… my stepdad’s name. As you may or may not know from earlier posts, we lost my stepdad late last year. This is our way of honoring him.

We’re so excited to meet our little Delfin who’s due to be welcomed into this world in December! Surprisingly, my due date falls upon the day my stepdad left us… which made my mom believe that when one passes on, another one takes its place.

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