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Tim & I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last month. It’s still quite shocking that it has already been a year since that lovely day. Cheesy as it may sound, I think my wedding is the best — for me at least. So many things went wrong or were changed last minute due to unforeseen circumstances but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

To celebrate, we just went to my favorite local cafe in Taytay, The Bang Cafe. Had a lovely conversation over brunch and some quiet time till late in the afternoon.

We’re really not that big fans of fancy celebrations. In fact, looking back to our wedding, have I had my way I would marry Tim in the city hall. I don’t really have a dream wedding. Something I often repeated in my earlier posts in this blog. But the wedding that we had made me believe that it was so much better than just eloping in the city hall or something. I know a lot of people didn’t like the wedding, I’ve heard a word or two. It was a little disappointing to know that even the people who were there cannot be happy for that milestone we chose to share with them.

But it has been a little over a year, and when I look back to it all, I don’t see the flaws people pointed out. I no longer hear certain people comparing my wedding to their dream wedding or to the wedding they thought we should have had. All I see now is that Tim & I made it and we were able to pull it off in such a short amount of time.

I’m proud of us for working hard together to sew a wedding we did not even think we could have. So it was a lot easier to let go of the negativity and just laugh about it all now. It’s just really funny though, the ones who didn’t like our wedding are the ones who 1.) got married in a mass-wedding and 2.) doesn’t even have a chance of getting proposed to anytime soon.

Anyway, we’re happier now. Struggling together about so many things, mostly about my pregnancy and the brand new level of anxiety that comes along with it. LOL Honestly, it isn’t easy, although it has gotten better compared to my first trimester I’m still constantly finding it difficult. But looking back to the year that we have had, we just know that everything is going to be worth it.

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Coming from years of being a singleton who's so in love with her career down in the big corporate jungle, marriage and motherhood doesn't come naturally to me. This blog chronicles my progress through this part of my life, all the while I try to fulfill my dreams of successfully working remotely as a Social Media Manager, Content Writer, and Professional Cake Taster.

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