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I deactivated most of my social media accounts

I’m not sure if this actually matters to anyone reading my blog (do I still have readers? LOL). But yes, I did deactivate my blog’s social media accounts, well, most of them. I don’t know how to deactivate Twitter yet. lol. But the reason for that is simply I grew tired of people only coming in to skim my posts looking for a freebie or a giveaway. Although I enjoy sharing my blessings to my readers, I have noticed that the majority of the people visiting my pages and blog are merely skimming through my posts.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love the people who take a minute off their day to visit my pages, but as a writer, I feel cheated or I feel like cheating on myself. Allow me to explain. I began writing blogs to not only hone my writing skills but to also put my emotions into words when my heart and my mind can no longer bear them. It just so happen that over the last decade that I have been blogging, I have been getting blessings through various sponsorships and events.

Apart from that, I have also met blog friends that mean the world to me right now, but with all the giveaways and sponsorships, I feel like I am straying away from my true purpose which is to use my blog as an outlet and hopefully find like-minded people or people who are in a similar situation. And now that I am entering a brand new phase of my life, I am hoping to use my blog to help first-time moms like me to get through all the shenanigans that pregnancy and motherhood have to offer.

Also, another reason as to why I temporarily deactivated my social media accounts is because I decided to stay off social media for the meantime. Thinking about what to post next is something I don’t feel like worrying about especially during my first trimester. (Yes, if I haven’t said this yet in this blog, I’m pregnant. Entering five months as of this post.) I had a rough start this year, so many tragedies that happened late last year that overflowed to the first quarter of this year. I felt like taking a break from it all and decided to temporarily deactivate my social media accounts.

I’m not saying that I will no longer be active on Facebook or Instagram ever, I just want to stay off it for as long as I need to. I will still update this blog constantly, I feel like I owe it to myself to express myself freely in this online space I have created for myself for that purpose.

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