Greenfield Weekend Market

Photo by Kevin Resurreccion

Late last month, I was given an exciting opportunity to visit the Greenfield Weekend Market with my husband Tim, and my good friend Kevin. It was a gastronomical experience, that Tim and I will surely remember for a great deal of time.

Personally, I remember going to Greenfield District almost every night a few years ago while I was still working in Ortigas. Since it was so difficult to hail a ride home (it still is), Greenfield offered me a place to walk off my heavy dinner from work. It served as my exercise place for a few months, so it kinda has a special place in my heart.

Going back to experience their weekend market after several years was such an extraordinary comeback for me. Also, I took this chance to finally meet up with my good friend Kevin, whom I haven’t seen in a few years. I was finally able to introduce Tim to him personally, too.

We loved how the entire space was wide enough that people aren’t bumping into each other on the way to their seats or to get themselves food, and personally having a distilled water refilling stations on all four corners of the field was such a big relief especially to us who try our best to not buy bottled water.

The night we were there was during Greenfield’s celebration of Earth Hour, we were lucky enough to experience their jazz band, but even luckier because we were able to watch Color It Red play an acoustic session when the lights went out at around 8 pm that evening.

Prior to that, Tim, Kevin, and I were able to walk around to a seemingly endless number of gastronomical choices, and a couple of eco-friendly, low/zero-waste stalls. The food choices were highly diverse, it could be overwhelming, but Tim and I found that the trick is to first look at everything they have to offer, and then just go back to the ones you really feel like eating. It can be quite exhausting given the size of the field, but I’m telling you, it’s worth every step.

Tim and I had a long day prior to this event. We first went to the National Swap Meet 3 in SM Megamall, which I will write about in my next post. After that, we had a flat tire and had to leave our vehicle in Shangri-La Plaza. Such a hassle, so we opted for comfort foods when we got to the Greenfield Weekend Market.

We got ourselves a Spam-silog, then Tim went for a Brisket and rice from another stall, then we bought a Yakult lemonade, and for dessert, Tim opted for a mango float sundae which, by the way, gives their customers a wooden spoon instead of a plastic one. I mean they still serve their floats on a plastic cup but at least they’ve tried to lessen it. I also wanted to try the Carabao’s milk ice cream, but instead, I bought us a stock of shampoo bar and organic soap from Ecolohika.

Shortly after dinner, the lights went off and the Earth Hour began. I honestly don’t know which I love best about the Greenfield Weekend Market, the fact that they are hosting an earth hour event, their selection of sustainable stalls, the cool and breezy environment despite the hustle and bustle of traffic not too far away (which cannot be heard by the way), or their wide range of food options.

But I guess what takes it home is that all of our food purchases cost us less than 600php in total that I even have extra for the shampoo bar and the soap. Normally, Tim and I would spend a minimum of 800php on a date, but I guess the food stalls in Greenfield Weekend Market are really affordable. I am so happy that Tim and I were given an opportunity to experience the Greenfield Weekend Market that we decided to go back there again, soon.

If you want to visit the Greenfield Weekend Market, they are located at Greenfield District, ESDA Central Avenue, Mandaluyong and they open every Saturday, from 4AM – 12PM. You can also check out their Facebook and Instagram pages so you can get updated on their latest events.

What about you guys, mahilig ba kayo sa mga banchetto type of places?

Phantom of the Opera Live

One of my biggest dreams is to see a live production of Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera, and although I have passed by the chance to see Les Mis in 2016, I made sure that I didn’t miss Phantom. I am a lifelong theatre fan, and although Tim doesn’t share my love and interest for most of the arts, he still came along and watched Phantom with me.

Leading up to the show, Tim got curious about the storyline. So, I let him watch the Gerard Butler version, and he liked it — to my relief. I really thought he would find it extremely boring like most of the things I like, but I really appreciate the fact that he takes time to see or experience the stuff that I love and he tries his best to understand it if he does not like it.

On the night of the show, Tim and I arrived at The Theatre at Solaire around three hours early. This gave us ample time to have a look around, especially the casino which Tim used to frequent a couple of years ago.

After looking around, Tim and I sat down at The Coffee Bean for a quick coffee date before the show started. For a few days, up until that night he was asking me all sorts of questions about the production which I gladly answered. Knowing that he’s slightly more interested than I expected made me feel really comfortable about watching Phantom with him. To be honest, I was really worried that the ticket would go to waste if he won’t appreciate it. The last thing I wanted was that he just bought an extra ticket so I wouldn’t watch alone, you know what I mean? I think that’s the worst thing that could happen. Haha, but Tim always surprises me in his own little ways.

He loved the production–genuinely! and during the 20-minute intermission, he flooded me with questions again, but unlike before his interest turned into sincere curiosity and fascination, much to my delight! Haha!

The production, in general, was magnificent! I cried at several parts of it, both in amazement and disbelief that I am actually seeing it live after all these years. It might sound a little too overdramatic, but this particular production always had a special place in my heart since I was little, and finally seeing it live, with the love of my life just made it extra special.

After the show, Tim and I sat at The Coffee Bean once again, but this time in silence and smiles on our faces as we sipped from our coffee cups while we waited for our ride home. Briefly exchanging our views and amazement of the production.

Watching Phantom of the Opera with Tim taught me that you cannot plead anyone to like what you love, but you can always take them with you to experience it themselves and my-god! is it worth it! Tim’s only regret that night was that he should have bought a VIP ticket so I could see the production a lot more closer, since my eyes are pretty bad especially in the dark even with my glasses on. Haha. Regardless though, every waking moment of that experience was–sweet intoxication. Phantom pun intended. LOL

May hangover pa si Tim sa mga kanta sa Phantom of the Opera hahaha Kayo? Anong trip ninyong gawin na hindi trip ng partner ninyo?