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With so much going on in our lives lately, mostly with work (lol) Tim and I found ourselves rotting at home for days on end. Don’t get me wrong, we love staying indoors as much as we love going out, but it has been months since we last went to Tanay to have breakfast, and it has been weeks since we ate out — yes, our late-night McDonald’s runs are not considered as quick dates lol.

We realized that we haven’t gone too far from our house for a long time. So a few weeks ago, we decided to break out of our cocoons and headed to Angono, Rizal. Upon realizing that we haven’t gone out on a date in ages, I immediately searched for nearby cafe’s that we could check out, one of those cafes is Art Capital Cafe.

They open at 12 noon, and we got there shortly before 1 PM. It was scorching hot and we realized the real reason why we haven’t been going out as much. It was starting to feel like mid-summer already. Thank God that the cafe had strong air conditioning and their staff immediately gave us water almost as soon as we got in.

The place was pretty quiet and empty, but then again it was high noon on a Tuesday, but we loved that we had the cafe all to ourselves that day. It was a great time to admire all the paintings hanging from the walls. We loved how quaint and cozy the place was, and they even have quite a big outdoor dining area that showcases more paintings.

Their menu was pretty good as well, and in terms of price, they’re on the cheaper side, cafe-wise. Their food selection ranges from 75php to 230php at the most, and the 230php I was talking about was just their pizza. The rest are all under 190php. Their beverages start from 40php to 109php, though they did have a 315php bottle of Dragon Fruit wine. But overall, a couple could spend a minimum of 400-500php in this cafe.

In our case, however, I ordered their Macadamia Nut flavored latte (85php) and Tim had the Milo Nitro frappe (109php). We also ordered their chicken pesto pasta (135php), their potato wedges (95php), chicken fingers (135php), the clubhouse sandwich (125php), and a serving of their crispy pork belly rice meal (155). We paid for 839php in total. Okay, please don’t judge us hahaha in our defense it was a brunch for us. LOL. We literally just got out of bed, brushed our teeth, got dressed and headed out. LOL

I honestly think that the food was not bad, I liked their beverages. I thought they were exceptional for their price, especially the Macadamia Nut flavored coffee that I ordered. I was expecting something too overwhelmingly sweet but it was the opposite. It was strong, but the macadamia nut flavor was there, and the sweetness level is just right.

The food, however, was nothing too impressive but surely worth every penny. They weren’t lacking in flavor, except maybe for the potato wedges which needs a little more salt. I am a huge fan of their chicken pesto though, I thought that the flavors in that dish came together really well, it was well seasoned, and the chicken wasn’t dry as with most commercial chicken pesto pasta that I have tried. Tim loved their Milo Nitro that he finished it almost as soon as we were served our food.

Overall, Tim and I were satisfied with not only their food but also their fast and polite service. It only took them about 8 minutes, perhaps 10 minutes tops to serve all our orders and their wait staff was really attentive and accommodating. Art Capital Cafe is one of the few places that we plan to visit again in the near future.

Kayo, mahilig din ba kayo mag stay sa bahay? Or mas bet ninyo mag gala?

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4 thoughts on “Art Capital Cafe, Angono”

  1. Hi po ang sarap ng mga pagkain na inorder nyu, sana makapunta din kami dyan affordable nmn po sya gusto ko din matry yung chicken pesto nila pic palang kakatakanm na hehe, malayo lang po samin San Mateo Rizal po kami hehe

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