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When in Ilocos: Baluarte ni Chavit

This is a continuation of my previous posts about Tim and I’s recent trip to Vigan. This is post 3 of 4.

Soon after we had lunch at the Hidden Garden restaurant, Tim and I headed back to Baluarte ni Chavit and we might have had a little too much to eat that laziness started to kick in. There is really something about a weekday noon in the province… I can’t explain it in full detail, all I know about it is that it makes me feel so calm and a little sleepy. So when we got to Baluarte, we decided to take the shuttle to tour us around the facility.

However, we got there a little too early for the next trip as the shuttle drivers were still on a lunch break and instead of taking advantage of that fact to get a little exercise and just walk, we sunk even more into laziness and just waited for the drivers to come back. haha! Tim and I sat there in the waiting area… from afar I’m pretty sure we looked like two sacks of potatoes in the shed waiting to be picked up by the delivery people. LOL 

When the drivers came back, Tim and I hopped on the shuttle like two old people from a home and marveled around the zoo. It wasn’t my first time in Baluarte, in fact, I have been there several times already but zoo’s and animals, in general, are Tim and I’s thing and knowing that Tim hasn’t been there before urged me, even more, to put it in our short itinerary for Vigan. 

Quite a lot has changed since I last visited and it seemed that the zoo just recovered from the recent super typhoon that hit the area. Some of the infamous dinosaur heads were chopped off and some of the animals did not survive but those didn’t take away the fun, amusement, and curiosity from Baluarte. 

The tour lasted for almost an hour only and most of it we spent inside the museum and with King the lazy white lion. He was so cute and I know Tim marveled at the idea of having our picture taken with a wild animal but he was obviously terrified of King. Haha! I, on the other hand, loved every second of that experience. It might have been illegal as King wasn’t part of the actual tour. If I remember it right, we were supposed to have our pictures taken with the tigers or something but after Tim chit chatted with the shuttle driver, we were taken to King’s “crib”. LOL

King wasn’t as scary as Tim find him to be, he was really sweet, cooperative but just really, really lazy. It took the caretakers almost 15 minutes just to get King out of his cage cause he was too lazy to stand and walk. LOL He was such a darling but Tim thought he was scary haha! In fact, Tim actually suddenly felt the need to light a smoke before we had our photo taken with King hahaha! Ain’t that a moment to remember? 

After my lovely time with King, Tim and I decided to not go to the last stop which was the very expensive photo opportunity with the Tigers. LOL Instead, we hopped off the shuttle and decided to see the last part of the animal show which featured an artistic little boar whose name I forgot. I remember that show, it was really entertaining but I guess the lack of people in Baluarte that day made it look like something of a chore for the performers. Though I swear, that little boar was so cute and entertaining it made the four-audience show pitiful and unworthy of its talents. Haha. 

Tim and I headed back to our transient after that so we could still relax before I begin work that day. It was such a risk knowing that the internet connection in the transient wasn’t as strong as I needed but thank God for prepaid wifi’s! LOL 

3 thoughts on “When in Ilocos: Baluarte ni Chavit”

  1. Nice naman sa Baluarte ni Chavit ang saya kasi titingan natin Mga untamed animals pero galing ng white Lion dahil pwede mag pa picture sa kanya ang friendly parin nila.

  2. Nakakatakot naman yung malalaki na hayop Ms. Mia. Saya po siguro dyan hindi pa ako nakakakita ng mga ganyang animals sa tv lang sguro mukang mas malaki pa sla sakin hehe..

  3. Wow. Ganda talaga ng mga venue sa iLocos vigan.. Gusto ko talaga ito puntahan. Ms. Mia lion pala yang big white na katabi nyo.. Nkakatakot hehe baka biglang mangagat ^_^ peeo ang ccue nya hehe. Parang ung malaking dog din sa baguio

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