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When in Ilocos: Hidden Garden of Vigan

On our first day in Vigan, Tim and I initially planned to go to Baluarte ni Chavit, Chavit Singson’s collection of really cool animals and remembering that there is a really good restaurant inside, we decided to sleep till a little late on Monday morning so we could have brunch at The Cafeteria.

Unfortunately, when we got there the restaurant was closed due to a private catering event and mind you, it’s one thing that I’m not myself when I haven’t had coffee, but I’m a different sort of monster when I’m also hungry. LOL I guess most of you could relate to that. I was so close to a temper tantrum, but thankfully I remembered my good friend suggested Hidden Garden Restaurant that morning so Tim and I went there with Mang Eddie (our tour guide/tricycle service). 

It wasn’t my first time in Hidden Garden, I must have been there twice before but I actually forgot about it until it was suggested to me that morning. Quite a lot of things have changed but its cool and breezy ambiance despite the high afternoon sun and heat made it the perfect place to have brunch and coffee. 

We had a simple lunch there with Mang Eddie, trying out a couple of popular Ilocano dishes. We ordered their famous empanadas (60php each) for starters, then Bagnet (250php), Sinanglao (245php), and Vigan longganisa (180php) paired of course with tons of rice. LOL My favorite part was that they now have a coffee bar where I ordered a very cooling and great-mood-inducing iced cafe latte. 

We paid less than 1200php for all of those so roughly around 400php per head. A little pricey but I guess we ordered too much for three persons, the empanada alone is already a meal on its own and we ordered too much rice for three people. Ha ha! 

Hidden Garden of Vigan features a lavish backyard garden hidden from its visitors, hence the name. From the outside it looks like a typical place where one can buy Vigan delicacies, upon entering one might think that it’s just a plant and pottery shop, but in its heart is the actual restaurant and deeper in it is the amazing garden where various plants and herbs can be found. 

If you want to visit Hidden Garden, you may do so by taking a tricycle ride from the town proper or plaza, it’s very well known so it’s easy but if you’re going to use a private vehicle, here are further details:

Rafaela “Glo” Flores (Owner&Manager)
Brgy. Bulala, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur (Located At The Heart Of Hidden Garden Vigan)
(0906) 332-8309 ; (0928) 965-9190

Kayo ba? Mahilig ba kayo sa Ilocano food? 

6 thoughts on “When in Ilocos: Hidden Garden of Vigan”

  1. Ang daming masasarap na food talaga sa lugar na yan. Mas mura po ba ang longganisa kaoag dyan po bumili? Dito kasi sa manila ang mahal .

    1. Medyo mura naman, lalo na ang Bagnet. Kasi sa atin sa Manila isang kilo ng Bagnet usually more than 500 🙁 Longanisa actually konti lang price difference.

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